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The day-date released in 1956 debuted because the first water resistant self-winding chronometer wristwatch to provide a modern calendar with a short-term day indication completely defined within the dial window further to the date. brilliant accuracy, reliability, clarity, presence modern-day this famous version made it the ultimate repute watch.

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The dial is the characteristic face modern-day   nep Rolex-horloges , its most responsible feature for its identity and readability. characterised through hour markers crafted from 18 carat gold to save you discoloration, all ROLEX dials are designed and manufactured in-residence, in large part manually, to make certain completeness.

Rolex bracelet and clasp design, development, manufacture, and the rigorous checking out they face require superior high-tech. And, like any elements modern-day the watch, aesthetic manage by way of the human eye ensures a great splendor. A presidential bracelet with a semicircular three piece link become created in 1956 for the release latest the Oyster Perpetual Day Date. It represents the remaining refinement and luxury, and it is always made with carefully selected precious metals.

Day-Date forty is geared up with a new generation movement quality 3255, fully advanced and manufactured with the aid of  nep Rolex-horloges
that allows you to reap the highest level today’s overall performance. This self-winding mechanical movement is at the leading edge modern-day the artwork cutting-edge watchmaking. A complete demonstration present day 14 patented  Rolex-horloges kopen era has fundamental merits in terms today’s accuracy, electricity reserve, surprise resistance, magnetic resistance, ease contemporary use and reliability.

the first day date that changed into announced in 1956 become the world first. the first watch displaying the day contemporary the week is spelled out flawlessly. received by many world leaders, Day – Date is available in a custom made date display with a big choice present day languages.